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GMS Espresso



GMS Espresso sought a comprehensive overhaul of their branding, website, social media, and online footprint. As a premier coffee service provider, specializing in high-end coffee machine maintenance for coffee shops and businesses, GMS Espresso demanded an image that mirrored their esteemed status. With this goal in mind, we eagerly embarked on the task of elevating their brand presence.

We initiated the project by crafting a distinctive logo for GMS, aiming to seamlessly blend their identity as a service-oriented brand with their coffee industry expertise, while avoiding any association with a traditional coffee shop aesthetic. After thorough exploration, we settled on a design featuring a gear to symbolize engineering prowess, with a central coffee bean motif representing their coffee servicing specialty.

Moving forward, the website development proved to be a significant endeavor, with the integration of new features being paramount. The homepage was meticulously designed to showcase GMS's impressive client portfolio alongside their comprehensive service offerings, ensuring swift and efficient navigation for visitors. Additionally, we devised an elaborate 7-step process display to highlight their service procedures, which garnered enthusiastic praise from the client.

In response to the client's desire to showcase their coffee machine inventory, we seamlessly integrated this feature into the website, complete with user-friendly filters for streamlined browsing. Furthermore, we introduced a dedicated careers page, enabling prospective candidates to easily apply for positions within GMS.

The end result was met with overwhelming satisfaction from the client, who expressed delight with the comprehensive website overhaul and its seamless integration of their brand identity and business offerings.